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Sen. Patty Murray (D Wash.), the top Democrat on the Senate committee overseeing the NLRB, said in a statement that the change in the joint employer standard would make it harder for workers to bargain for higher wages. “And it goes against everything President Trump promised working people during the campaign,” she added..

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The only reason Cal was even that close was because of the Wildcats poor free throw shooting, they were 6 14. The crowd was already boisterous with what they perceived as some poor officiating, and they let their presence be known each time Arizona had the ball. At one point Aaron, the best hype man I’ve ever seen, he ran across the court during a timeout shirtless.

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If you like tribal strategy, ramping like crazy and/or swarm decks, look no further than this one. Unlike Ashling, mono green has better removal so despite the deck having a defined plan, you can easily remove pretty much any kind of permanent.Is here anything that piques your interest? Hopefully yes. If not, can you describe a kind of deck you (don want in more detail? :)TheWizardOfPoz 1 point submitted 5 months agoSo we normally find ourselves playing 1v1, but we do play 4 player free for all around once a week.

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