canada goose uk outlet Except devs don get more profits. The publishers do, which are the only people Tim care about, remember?It fine to call gamers entitled, and exclude yourself from gamers, which leads me to believe you do work for a publisher of some sort, but get your facts straight.The only people winning from these exclusive deals are publishers and Epic. The devs don usually get contracts that pay extra based on sales, got it?Maybe instead of you and people like you attacking people who don like Epic, you should consider we have more reason than just “waaah epic bad” maybe if you did research you realize despite having one of the best game engines ever made, Epic actually despises consumers and specifically, pc consumers.Maybe if you thought about why we hate Epic so much, you understand it not about a new store front that has been seen to datamine files it shouldn even know exist on your computer.Maybe you stop to think that the fact the store front IS datamining and hasn been stopped yet, should be cause for legitimate concern.Maybe all these things could be real reasons for people like me despising people like Tim Sweeney and CliffyB (Yes I know he not with them anymore).Maybe some people don like giving money to companies just because they “all the same” and maybe some of us DO believe in “voting with our wallets”.In fact, maybe if more people believed one person can make a difference, we would have more games on GOG and less on Epic.VicariousLiving247 3 points submitted 8 days agoFrom my understanding, they still focusing on mobile games for new games in their IP However, they also released Warcraft 1 2 on GOG a few days ago, so it looking like they at least open to putting more stuff on GOG if these sell well.I checked earlier and Diablo is already 64 on Bestselling of All Time for GOG, and it been less than a month since it launched there.Browns football is a way of life in NE Ohio. canada goose uk outlet

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uk canada goose Is that not canada goose black friday deal the case? Are people really traveling in tropical and desert climates, sweating, and NOT washing their clothes before wearing them again? I’m not here to diss, more so asking if the oder resistance and anti bacterial properties are that legit that one is able to pull this off?I recently bought a wool Rowena swing merino dress. I can wear it about 6 8 full days wearing it to the office before I need to wash it. However, I wore it on a 9 hour flight, and absolutely needed to wash it after that one wear uk canada goose.