What is the Fastest Animal in the World

The Fastest Animals on EarthThe fastest human alive, canada goose outlet london Usain Bolt, holds the world record canada goose outlet for 100 metres with a time of 9.58 seconds. Bolt has the ideal traits for high speeds:

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canada goose uk outlet The worlds fastest animals are the pinnacle of millions of years of evolution. In the arms race of hunter and hunted, speed can be a weapon for both offense and defence. All of the world’s fastest animals are exquisitely adapted for high speed movement with some risking life and limb to go canada goose outlet factory faster. canada goose uk outlet

The Fastest Bird on EarthIn a race between the Peregrine Falcon and the Cheetah, the bird would pass the cat in a matter of seconds and then disappear over the horizon. The Falcon can hit an enormous 200mph (320kph) at the bottom of a dive (stoop) making it the fastest animal on the planet.

This colossal top speed is achieved with a helping hand from gravity. The Peregrine starts a hunt by climbing to a great height and then diving on its prey even when they themselves are airborne (the staple food of a Peregrine is the humble pigeon). The effect of gravity is maximised by the Peregrine’s anatomy:

canada goose factory sale An enlarged keel allows for a greater number of bigger muscles to attach the wings to the body. This allows it to build a huge amount of power per thrust to build up speed. canada goose factory sale

Streamlined and ultra pointed wings combined with stiff and unslotted feathers significantly reduces air resistance and maximises acceleration and speed.

The Peregrine maintains a steady oxygen flow from its (enlarged) heart and lungs to its (numerous) red muscle fibres. Consequently, the Peregrine does not suffer from oxygen deprivation and does not canadagoosejacketsforcheap need to rest post canada goose outlet sale kill.

Canada Goose Online The Fastest Land Animal on Earth0 60 in three seconds, the acceleration of the Cheetah rivals that of the most technologically advanced supercar. Cheetahs have dedicated themselves to life in the fast lane with a top speed of 70mph. This high speed and vicious acceleration come at a price the Cheetah risks brain damage and starvation due to the huge demands high speed places on their anatomy. Canada Goose Online

canada goose store Cheetahs have a number of adaptations to maintain their top speed: canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet Enlarged lungs and nostrils allow for a fast and deep air intake. Breath rate increases three fold during a chase Canada Goose Outlet

For its body size, Cheetah have an enlarged heart to pump a huge amount of blood around the body during a chase

A flexible spine acts a spring, increasing the top speed. This high speed is counterbalanced with a long and flexible tail. This is the key to the Cheetah’s agility.

canada goose black friday sale The Cheetah is the only big cat that cannot retract it’s claws this maximises grip on the dusty plains. canada goose black friday sale

Like all supercars, the canada goose uk site Cheetah canada goose outlet winnipeg is lightweight with a slender build (to minimise air resistance) and average weight of 125lb (57kg), the Cheetah has an outstanding power to weight ratio

Despite these adaptations, the Cheetah can only maintain a sprint for a matter of seconds; a long chase leaves a Cheetah dangerously close canada goose outlet uk to oxygen deprivation (this is why Cheetahs try to close the gap as much as possible before starting a chase). To compensate for this a Cheetah must rest post kill before it eats, this leaves plenty of time for Hyena and Lion to steal the kill.

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The Peregrine Falcon the fastest animal on Earth. Making use of gravity and a body honed by millions of years of evolution, the Peregrine Falcon is over 130mph faster than the Cheetah Source

The Cheetah the fastest land animal on Earth. The Cheetah can go from 0 40mph in a mere three strides. Source

cheap canada goose uk The Sailfish the fastest fish in the oceans. This fish can swim for long distances at 40mph and has been clocked at 70mph. Source cheap canada goose uk

canada goose uk black friday The Greyhound is the second fastest accelerating land animal in the world behind the Cheetah. Source canada goose uk black friday

The canada goose outlet online uk tiger beetle can sprint at 5.6mph. Relative to body length, the beetle would be moving at around 480mph if scaled up to human size! Source

The Springbok may be slower canada goose factory outlet toronto location than the Cheetah, but can keep up its’ top speed (50mph) over long distances. Source

The fastest snake in the world the Black Mamba. This reptile can strike at up to 12mph. Source

The Fastest Insect on EarthThe speediest insect on our planet is the Tiger beetle a fast and agile predator common to brownfield sites. With large eyes and huge mandibles, it is clear that this beetle is a hunter. Unusually for insects, the tiger beetle is as fast on the wing as it is canada goose outlet uk fake on foot with reaction times comparable to the house fly (widely considered one of the fastest reacting animal on the planet). Whilst a top speed of 5.6mph (8.4kph) may not seem fast, compared to body length these animals are around 22 times faster than humans.