Contrary to popular belief, there will still be enough fresh powder to enjoy up until May, thanks to occasional snow storms during the last weeks of April. You can enjoy great off piste skiing (provided you’re with a guide) come first week of May. Expect to see locals in their best (and weirdest) ski costumes, ladies skiing in bikini tops, pond skimming and even concerts and music festivals.

What’s good, y’all? This is Gene, and it’s that time of the year again, the time of the see year when you’re thinking about giving you know, getting something nice for your moms or your uncle or your little ones or for bae. Oh, aren’t you so sweet? Well, since you’re in that spirit right now of giving, consider this a little nudge to give to your local public radio station. If you rock with us at CODE SWITCH, you know how often we turn to the tweets you send us, and we turn them into whole segments..

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There are several lessons to be learned from the successes and failures described above. First, the fight against HIV/AIDS has sometimes occurred on two isolated fronts: prevention and treatment. In the early days of the disease, before the development of antiretroviral drugs, prevention changing behavior was all that public health officials and physicians had to offer.

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