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canadian goose jacket We both had decent sized cubes, and there was a center aisle between us. My desk was oriented so My back was facing him. He get like 3 sentences in before i noticed the mumbling. If you’re not going to do well, why would I send you to fail? Why would I literally waste time for you to just fail entirely? Now if his kid does well and shoves it in Op’s face, I will fucking applaud and admit I was so fucking wrong but so far I have seen nothing but cries and tantrums and beliefs that he has some kind of favoritism when the old man is clearly looking at this as an adult and a concern parent.It’s a gamble that he clearly doesn’t want to make.Lisrus 2 points submitted 4 hours agoIf you’re not going to do well, why would I send you to fail? Why would I literally waste canada goose uk reviews time for you to just fail entirely?It fucking highschool bro. Get off his high horse of not wanting them to and let her fucking fail canada goose outlet real and learn what it like to try like her sister. If she fails here it a pitiful amount of money compared to college, and it literally wouldn make a difference in what school she could get in to. canadian goose jacket

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