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buy canada goose jacket cheap When I went to join another sub I couldn post and messaged the mods, found out why then. Told them I had actually unsubbed from STS months prior and I pretty sure they checked my post history to verify.ScousaJ 3 points submitted 5 days agoI swear to god racists must think every person is born into the canada goose chilliwack black friday exact same situations and opportunities like yeh sure dude you great grandparents were literal slaves? And mine were literal canada goose shop new york city slave owners? That has no effect apparently like they never heard of generational poverty before. That not to even mention the continued discrimination since slavery was mostly abolished hell the civil rights movement was only 60 years ago and its not like racism ended then either.ScousaJ 3 points submitted 5 days agoAbsolutely that what they think because they racists, they can try and hide behind whatever stats they want but it purely disingenuous because if you ever take even an introductory class on statistics the first thing your taught is to never trust them uncritically you think these people are falling for the dihydrogen monoxide bullshit? Stats when presented uncritically are as useless as anecdotes.Anyone canada goose gloves womens uk who unironically uses the 50% stat without a shred of critical thought is both an idiot and a racist black people are not inherently more criminal than white people or any other ethnicity, they just more criminalised and often repressed and subjugated to racist laws which create the breeding grounds for crime poverty creates crime and criminals, and black people are disproportionately more likely to be poor than white people I wonder why that is? Could it have anything to do with the centuries of aggressive racism, slavery, colonialism/imperialism?Racists are idiots who can think to save their lives. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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