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So while many guys here would consider Anfisa an 8 or a 9 in the west, and she could easily date some well to do men here, she would barely register as a blip on most Russian men radar over in Russia (or even Russian men who immigrate here). As my husband pointed out: “she be considered like a 5 or a 6 at most in Russia and possibly less since she can offer anything else about herself”. After all: why date a high maintenance cam model from Moscow, when they can take a trip to the rural area and find a girl who can already cook, clean, and looks much better, and without the drama? Not only that, but without having to do any of the work to get her..

It really motivated me to continue with my writing and really started to pay attention to my hubs making sure that they were in proper format and all that canada goose factory outlet winnipeg stuff. I wrote mainly about stuff that I was interested in but what I felt like others would be interested in as well, like arts and craft tutorials, link to tutorials etc. I put A LOT of energy into it almost every single day.