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Canada Goose Parka From there he unilaterally consolidated power to become a dictator.It wouldn be uncouth to label the people who voted for Hitler Nazi because they were members of the Nazi party (although nothing was known about Hitlers grand plan at the time of the initial elections. Calling the people who voted for Hitler Nazi is like calling the people who voted for Trump Republicans. Fucking duh.Where I keep hearing about? Trump is probably a racist and he definitely an asshole, but a racist asshole does not a Hitler make.This is just such a low effort and ignorant comparison I don know how on earth you justify it.If you are a good person then with enough distance you will come to regret this period in your life where you defended white supremacy as a political ideology.Donald Trump’s Republican Party is unrecognizable by any historical standards. Canada Goose Parka

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This is a pretty hard contrast to how german forces were treated after the surrender, denied even POW status (instead considered Disarmed Enemy Forces. DEFs). During those few brief months that the surrendered german army were held in camps (although even from the beginning there was a steady stream of released prisoners) at least 28,000 german DEFs died due to starvation, dehydration and exposure.

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