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It is believed that the modern study of dermatoglyphia or fingerprints were first conducted by the Czech physiologist Johannes Evengelista Purkinje in the 19th century. Some time later, the British scientist Sir Francis Galton proposed the use of fingerprints for identification purposes as did his ancient predecessors. Modern fingerprinting was first pragmatically implemented by British police officer Sir Edward Richard Henry (1857 1930) in Bengal, India in the 1890s to identify criminals..

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The least Home Minister P Chidambaram and Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh could have done after the June 29 incident was to take responsibility, apologise for the mistake canada goose outlet store near me and reach out to the tribals who have lost their family members in the encounter. The incident should also set in motion a serious canada goose outlet trillium parka black attempt at addressing the operational infirmities that produces such catastrophe. However, the irony is while the politicians are good at taking credit for the successes, owning up mistakes isn’t exactly their virtue.