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The more important issue is whether X or Y is true or right or useful or at least interesting. Even some ideas that are eventually rejected, because they are meritless, contribute to the ongoing discussion of the public square or internet forum. They provoke thought because they are incorrect but inspiring..

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“At the hearing, a psychiatrist has to testify as to why she remains gravely disabled, meaning that she is of either danger to herself or to others,” Sirkin continued. “The conservatorship does not necessarily require hospitalization. Her mental state is what is in question [regarding] whether or not she needs to be in a secured facility against her wishes.

Are you still a student at Ashford? I am currently a student at Ashford and is in ENG125 and love the way you have detail the theme of this short sotry. I want to use it as a resouce for my assignment. I will cite and give the credit where it is do.

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