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Furman wouldn’t rule the idea out of directing. “I am crazy enough that I probably would,” he says. “It would have to be an canada goose leeds uk incredible script. Henry had a four door sedan but stole a larger vehicle with the aim of causing more destruction, prosecutors said.Montgomery County police reported Henry as a “critical missing person” on March 27 in a lookout that said Henry was last seen by co workers around noon the day before “when he left his place of employment in Germantown” and his family had been unable to contact him.Henry drove around the Washington area looking for a vehicle to steal, dumping his cellphone along an interstate highway to “destroy evidence of the inspiration behind his attack,” court documents alleged. The phone was recovered by law enforcement agents and included canada goose outlet phone number images of armed ISIS fighters, the ISIS flag and the Pulse nightclub shooter, prosecutors said.To acquire a truck, Henry followed a U Haul van to the parking garage of a mall in Alexandria and stole the vehicle on March 26, prosecutors said. The driver who had leased the van called police to report it stolen and said that he had noticed a blue BMW earlier following the U Haul off Interstate 395 and parking next to the van, according to court documents.