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Although the vehicular assaults in major European cities have drawn the most attention, the incidents are not restricted just to the continent or to ISIS. Since late 2015,Palestinian attackers have carried out dozens of car ramming attempts in Israel. Most were poorly planned and ended with the perpetrator being shot and killed, with either few or no Israeli casualties..

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Rep. Carolyn McCarthy trying to explain the legislation she wrote. She can even tell you the definition of a barrel shroud, even though she wrote to ban it in her own legislation! She is literally advocating for the ban of the plastic part that goes over the barrel of an ar15, to prevent the operator from burning their hand.

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It should be noted here that I’m not in the business of blaming the victim quite the contrary but I think in this instance, it is warranted. We’re not talking about a citizen being tricked into providing personal information. This wasn’t an instance of phishing though it resembles one in so much bag replica high quality as it relied on an unthinking, impulse click.