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I feel like a lot of the people cheering for feature detection haven actually spent much time working on a big, complicated website. I always tried to do the “right thing”: feature detection where possible, then bug detection where possible (small pieces of JS that test for known bugs), then UA based logic as a fallback, and a lot of things still end up based on the UA, because there are a lot of bugs that aren noticeable from script. Messed up rendering despite correct DOM measurements? Elements that simply fail to fire click canada goose womens outlet events when you click them, depending on some arcane CSS incantation that needs to be different in different browsers? Anything at all related to position:fixed? Good luck feature detecting those.

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canadian goose jacket On the other hand those are always available to be purchased for gems if I run dry. Scrolls and PO are basically the only currency in the game that is offered in a limited supply. So I think their value in terms of gems should be held even higher.. And Joe, even though I love the guy, legitimizes and whitewashes them by having them on. Joe is far better than someone like, say, Dave Rubin, in that Joe at least pushes back somewhat. But it is not enough.InB4 “but both sides” canadian goose jacket.