This kicks off the most incoherent and rambling rant in the podcasts history, and possibly Adam career. In his warped justification of his son failing math, Adam insists that all you need from school is reading, writing and public speaking takes the place of the classic He insists his son is good at math but cannot show work. An anecdote about my high school career.

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Women’s Swimwear The restaurant I worked at closed at eight, and one time my co workers complained to me that they’d had to work and they had to stay to A QUARTER TIL TEN waiting for people to leave halter bikini, and I think they actually didn’t leave but just went and sat at a table outside to continue to talk.But even worse is they came in and just went in the bathroom and were in there for ten minutes. The article makes it sound like that’s not long; a gaggle of women heading into a bathroom when the business is closed, for ten minutes, and not even being customers?? That would throw up red flags for me after having dealt with people maliciously trashing bathrooms.I really do believe there are cases of racism that do happen but this is just trespassing like the owners said. 33 points submitted 1 day agoOne time when I was working as a shift manager at a pizza place we had a large family come in 10 minutes before we closed asking if we were closed Women’s Swimwear.