One of the ACA’s most celebrated features is that it attempted to fix this gender disparity. It created a list of 10 essential health benefits thatallplans on the marketplace must cover. Pregnancy, maternity and newborn careare on that list. Residents have been advised to stock up on enough essential supplies to last up to four days.Nearly 140 people have frozen to death in the past few weeks in Poland, and in Switzerland, heavy snow has cut the flow of lorries through Alpine tunnels.The Eurostar service between Britain, France and Belgium ran a limited service on Saturday, with a reduced service planned for Sunday and Monday.More than 300 car accidents were reported in the south western state of Baden Wuerttemberg, with more than 40 people injured, Associated Press reported.Gale force winds and drifting snow are expected to bring traffic to a standstill in many parts of Germany, a situation exacerbated by shortages of grit.Airports have called in extra staff and rail operators have warned of delays.Berlin’s Schoenefeld and Tegel airports, and Munich airport reported cancellations.On Friday evening, Nuremberg airport was closed briefly after an Air Berlin flight with 133 people on board skidded off the runway and became stuck in snow. No one was injured in the incident.The snow is already more than 30cm (1 ft) deep on the isle of Ruegen, off Germany’s Baltic coast, ZDF TV says.German households have been advised to keep three or four days’ worth of provisions, including alternative cooking fuel in case of power cuts. Among the essential items listed by the BBK is a battery powered radio, for checking weather reports.Temperatures have dropped as low as 22C ( 8F) in some parts.British Airways cancelled 54 flights from Heathrow on Saturday.

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