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I just remembered about this article from Webber book:”It seemed the thought of me simply being quicker was not one he could entertain! There always had to be another reason why. Then, how do you know what Italian canada goose outlet new york media are saying.?I don understand this, you claim “They are: by painting Vettel as the fault, not the team.” which makes it seem like you know what you are talking about, but probably only read translations from other news sites that are just trying to paint a picture themselves.By doing so you spread misinformation even further. Why and how would you even have formed an opinion on media of a language you don even speak?Are canada goose cleaning uk you trying to say that anyone that uses a translator to read news isn’t allowed to comment on it?I replied to the top comment that mentioned it was strange to see Italian media attacking Ferrari rather than defending the team by pointing out that they’re attacking Vettel’s mistakes to deflect blame from Ferrari.

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