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canada goose uk black friday I jump in because the other dude drifted a little.If you know the right people and are willing to pay the high price noone has an issue if you wanna smoke imports (unless you trying to flex too hard), but most people try to subtly flex fake cali and it embarrassing.Also it pushing some dealers to pack their shit in some cheap packs from ebay and nearly double their prices.Also when people blindly buy into the hype around cali weed not knowing what they are doing canada goose shop robbed and then mouthing off about how they have top tier weed when in reality it stardawg in a presitin. Then placebo will do its thing and they think their smoking a grade shit.It shit because not only does it increase the issue of fake weed here in the UK, but it also devalues how lovely some of the imported flavours are.For reference though, here is a post of some import, it looks gorgeous and the comments are mostly positive apart from the canada goose trillium parka uk one guy at the bottom. No flexing from OP, just showing us his lovely is an example of someone not knowing a common canada goose parka outlet fact about the pack he bought at twice the price (cookies don sell 3.5 in bags, only grams) and just buying into the canada goose outlet canada is some legit cali (despite the brass knuckles cancer juice lmao) but is flexed too hard in the title, causing pop over here a comment shitstorm.It also a battle between cali smokers, as jungle boys basically produce mids yet people will pay a killing for it despite it being no better than pretty standard uk weed canada goose uk black friday.