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I could argue with them on the technical side, or I could agree and be like you do you and move on. People who are not willing to accept change/advice in IT are lost.That not to also say OP should give up either, you need to keep that technical fire but only use it where it acknowledged and appreciated. When I come into a new job right up to this day I have my “technical extrovert” mode on full, once I get certain rejections I start to introvert it based on what I feel is acceptable for the company.

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You need to cut that. You need to tighten the belt. There needs to be a general sense that it’s equitable and it’s fair and that everyone must pay a price to get out of our crisis. I couldn’t agree more with this entire article. But the question I ask, and I will keep this brief, what rights of mine were fought for? What was I even protected from? If I was going to have my rights protected, Id want them protected from the fatcats who wish to use me. I could only imagine my rights being in danger if we were at risk to be imperialized from another country of totalitarian government.

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