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Legend has it, one night in 1816, during the dreariest European summer anyone could remember, Lord Byron was holding court in his rented villa in Switzerland, when he challenged his friends to write down the most horrific story their imaginations could muster. Her tale of Dr. Victor Frankenstein and the Creature he builds out of scrap human parts and which later ruins his life provided Western literature with its first plunge into the “uncanny valley,” and changed the face of horror fiction forever..

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Slaves could be the restaurant workers who wash the dishes or chop the vegetables, working for no wages to pay off the smugglers who brought them to Canada. They could be sweatshop workers in places like Bangladesh, who sew our clothes for wages that barely cover basic needs, even as they are beaten uk canada goose by their employers and forced to work overtime without pay. Hoffmann Meyer added: believe that information is vital.

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